The world needs more courageous leaders owning their AUTHENTICITY and leading with IMPACT. ​

Are you ready to own yours?

So nice to meet you,

I’m Salomé, certified coach and passionate leader. 

I am here to elevate and empower YOU to become a more authentic, confident and courageous leader and human being, so that you can kick ass in this world and lead with impact.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager or aspiring leader, it all starts and ends with you. YOU have the power to make the changes that you desire and to empower yourself in the process.

We all have the ability to inspire & empower others​​​

Leading authentically requires courage, a lot of it. In order to show up for others, we first need to show up for ourselves as leaders and as people.

Leadership isn’t just about having a title or managing people, it is about invoking trust in others. Using your power and influence to bring value to the people around you, and to empower.

Self-mastery through self-awareness brings value to your leadership

You are on a journey of excellence. Self-awareness is a tool for becoming not only a good leader, but a great one. 

Understanding the power of authentic leadership requires an introspective approach, a courage to look inwards. 

We have to be willing to devote ourselves to our own personal growth to go on a journey of self-awareness. Only then can we understand our influence and really start to lead with impact.

"All you need is to be willing to step outside your comfort zone..."

How I can help

We start by discovering and identifying together where you are and where you want to go. 

The heart of my work is coaching.  I use a holistic approach combining pure coaching (based on the principles of the ICF – International Coach Federation), Authentic Leadership principles, mindfulness, mindset work and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  

What people say

Salomé has brought an incredible amount of value to my entrepreneurial and personal journey. She immediately created a space of openness and trust. Within a few sessions' time, we were able to unpack and make progress on very significant topics. Being a solution-oriented person, I especially valued the hands-on advice and tools she shared after our sessions so that I could continue the work afterwards. I can whole-heartedly recommend her as a coach for everyone seeking to reveal their full potential.

Franziska Heuschkel Founder of Space & Pepper, Germany

I started working with Salomé to improve my general well-being and gain more direction in life. Salomé helped me discover what was really holding me back and helped me unpack the fears and dilemmas about my work and where I wanted to build a career and life. I was so impressed with her personal approach and the clear method to her work. I feel much more confident in the choices I’m making and feel I’m living in a way that is authentic and true to me.

Sofia N Digital Product Manager, Sweden

Salomé has been a great partner to bounce ideas and thoughts off and guide me to find valuable answers. What particularly stands out to me is Salomé’s innate and contagious positivity and high energy, her pragmatism to make things actionable and achievable and her ability to grasp the underlying root cause in every situation. Moreover her wealth of professional, personal and international experiences to draw from and curiosity and deep interest in people dynamics and relationships, has made this process enriching.

Lukas Wels Consultant & Innovation Lead, Bain & Company, Denmark

Salomé has helped me through a transitioning and mentally chaotic period, asking me the questions that allowed for reflections. Through calming and peaceful conversations she was able to help me grow mentally every time we met and the follow-up exercises she proposed were greatly supportive of my development and learning. I highly recommend coaching with Salomé for anyone who is looking to advance their personal development

Marie-Louise Dalsgaard Head of Expansion & Renewal, Pleo, Denmark

It is astonishing how much Salomé’s energy, warm communication and inviting personality, let alone her professional take on my situation, had such a positive impact on my outcomes. Her combination of meditation, methodology, tools, and communication flow opened my mindset and enabled me to see things from other perspectives and angles. She has shown how I can overcome my fears and low self-confidence. Because of her, I have a newfound respect for myself and truly feel empowered, motivated, confident and strong, and ready to tackle any obstacles.

Bolette W HR Coordinator, Semco Maritime, Denmark

Working with Salomé was an incredibly positive experience. Over the course of our sessions, she helped me to identify the obstacles that were in my way and stopped me from fulfilling my potential. Through her warm and engaging style, she gave me the confidence to move forward with a new purpose and feel 100% comfortable with myself and my own style. As a result, I now have a much better grasp of my values, I am not afraid to express myself and I am excited to take the next step in my career. Overall, her guidance has been truly invaluable. If you are looking for advice or coaching on your career, I HIGHLY recommend that you contact Salomé as soon as possible.

Oli Ross Talent Acquisition Manager, InQvation, Denmark

"Salomé has truly helped me gain clarity around what I really want, and has encouraged me to realise my self-imposed restrictions. As a coach, Salomé shows genuine interest in your journey, what has led you to get stuck, and how you have the answers to move to the next stage. I can't recommend her enough!"

Beckie Palmer Entrepeneur, Coach and Personal Trainer, UK

Working with Salomé has been truly insightful and groundbreaking. Through NLP techniques and other coaching tools, we successfully challenged the false assumptions that I have held around myself and my work and I now have a much deeper confidence around the work that I do. Salomé is incredible as she helps you get in touch with your own intuition and leads you to make the best choices to enhance your life and career. In the most caring and compassionate way she makes you realize the power you have to change the direction of your life. Since seeing Salomé I have a much clearer vision of my path and I am already seeing results in my work.

Siham B Creative Writer, Denmark

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