Salome Asseraf Trambach

Founders coaching

Lead your business, team and life with passion, self-awareness, authenticity & courage

In my experience of coaching Founders and entrepreneurs, although each one has been very different from the other, I have found that often the same struggles, challenges and doubts take centre stage:

“Will I ever succeed?” “Can I really do this?” “Who do I talk to about this?” “How do I show up authentically?” “How do I prioritize my time?” “How do I balance everything at once?” “Who do I need by my side?” “How do I lead?’”

I’m here to support you. But words of warning; this isn’t for everyone. My coaching method is all about strengthening your mindset through deep self-awareness. I take you where it’s sometimes uncomfortable and challenging. It takes courage, which I know you have. 

The question is only if you are ready?


Coaching topics:

  • Purpose & Goal Setting
  • Values & Strengths work
  • Limitations & Biases
  • Mindset work
  • Mental wellness
  • Self-mastery
  • Focus & Productivity
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Priorities & Decision making
  • Leading difficult conversations
  • Managing emotions
  • Building Resilience
  • Creating a culture a trust
  • Building positive habits
Jens Ingelstedt Labs Manager at WeWork & Program Director of Time To Raise & Emerge Accelerators

"Entrepreneurship is hard and lonely at times. Salomé is fantastic at helping founders navigate their journey, by finding connection with themselves and each other on the way."

Franziska Heuschkel Founder of Space & Pepper, Berlin, Germany

"Salomé has brought an incredible amount of value to my entrepreneurial and personal journey. She immediately created a space of openness and trust. Within a few sessions' time, we were able to unpack and make progress on very significant topics. Being a solution-oriented person, I especially valued the hands-on advice and tools she shared after our sessions so that I could continue the work afterwards. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach for everyone seeking to reveal their full potential."

Luke Meredith Co-founder of The Together Works, London, UK

"Salomé helped me unpick my thoughts and refocus my attention in a positive and productive way. Having someone to share and understand my journey with has given me more motivation and inspiration. I have discovered new ways to handle my own thoughts and have implemented them into my life. Her methodology is calming and well planned meaning every session I came away with a new learning about myself."

Anne Dvinge Founder & CEO - LowFi

"Working with Salomé as part of the Time to Raise program was extremely valuable. During the session she not only prompted us to reflect over our own roles and habits of thought, but also created a safe space for all the participants to share challenges and tough days - and for everyone to support and lift each other."

    Your passion and determination already got you so far… Are you ready for your next step?